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We Start Fires, Manchester - Turn it up! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
We Start Fires

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We Start Fires, Manchester [Sep. 17th, 2005|02:47 pm]
We Start Fires


Indigo vs Kiss My Haç
Star & Garter, Fairfield Street, Mcr
Friday 14th October 2005
9pm – 2:30am
£5 / £4

Featuring live performances from
Noblesse Oblige
We Start Fires

Refreshed from a month off (don’t suppose anyone missed us..?) IVKMH return having found some new records to play and hunted down some ridiculously good bands…

We’re normally sceptical about anything described as “art-rock” but there has to be an exception that proves the rule and Noblesse Oblige are it. Imagine if the Cold War was still raging and people were still making electroclash (remember that) records… now you’re nowhere near imagining what they sound like, but that’s the best we can do. Oh and NME don’t like them, so that’s reason enough to think they’re great!

Now imagine if people still made records with guitars on them… hang on, they do and just occasionally they’re great. We’re still quite partial to an old fashioned punky racket, so it’s just as well there are bands like We Start Fires around. We’ve nabbed them fresh from supporting old friends of Indigo Nine Black Alps on their UK tour (and we have it on good authority that those gentlemen are big fans.) So if you’re due a dose of eyeliner, stilettoes and noise, get down early to catch this lot.

Rounding off the evening upstairs, the resident Indigo DJs will be joined by Stewart TVOD of legendary electropop night fame who is leaving his self-imposed exile down South for one night only to bring the sleazy, synthy, mutant disco sounds of his new night Contact up from the capital to Manchester.

Downstairs, Kiss My Haç will be inventing new genres, probably including: BounceyCastleBass, GunShotRiddimz and MashCoreBreakz. Plus some records you may have actually heard before played by DJs National Forest, Mildred Hubble, David Crayon and One BPM.